The virgin group

The virgin group


Executive Briefing Report (Create a Title Here)



Clearly explain your external analysis using understandable terms for your selected firm; use the results from the PEST and Porter’s Five Forces strategic models in your analysis.


External Analysis

Present your analysis so that it effectively addresses the key findings and your recommendations; Write clearly; you may use graphics, bullets and headings to deliver the analysis in an organized easily read format; you may have several sub-headings to address the assessment’s scoring criteria:


  • Explain key findings from PEST analysis.
  • Explain key findings from Five Forces analysis.
  • Summarize key findings/results for both models.
  • Recommend strategic actions for leadership as a result of the external analysis.

Provide supporting evidence

Use at least five current, scholarly, or professional resources to support your analysis. Include a reference page in addition to the report.


Succinctly summarize the key findings and recommendations of your external analysis for your selected firm.



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